The following The following are just a small selection of the headers that can be found in our gallery. Mouseover the small images to view a full size header

Welcome to theme headers!!!

Posted on 1st November 2008

Theme Headers provides a free service for bloggers and webmasters seeking to personalise their 'out of a box' templates. All our headers are free to alter, so that you can make them individual and match closely to your site.

The selection above are just a few of the hundreds available for you to choose from. Search through the gallery to find the headers that most closely matches your site look and feel.

how to use theme headers

Posted on 1st November 2008


The selection at the top of this page is just a very small sample of the many hundreds of headers that have been specially designed for Theme Headers.  You are free - yes, free - to use or abuse any of them in your own blogs or websites. The images are all listed in our gallery.  So, the first step is Go and have a look!

The images are displayed in two Categories - Backgrounds and Headers.  Within the categories there are albums.  so, if you are looking for a Wordpress headers, go to the Wordpress album.  Headers displayed on the Home page are just a selection of random images, and the the latest to be added to the site.

Once you have opened the album, you can sort the display by name, date, etc. Or you can just click through the pages til you find what you like. Or you can use the Search facility.

If you do not find what you want in the first search - don't give up!  Tick all the boxes and try again!ou have found the image you want, add it to 'My Favourites'.  keep looking and add more as you find them.  The next stage is to download your selection to you PC.  You can then use the images as you please.

We will be adding more images regularly, so please come back if you do not find what you are looking for this time.  And please contact us to tell us how you get on.